Decorative Window Film

These Scenes are designed to provide homeowners with custom views that meet their privacy needs for glass and acrylic structures. Both options are printed on high quality static cling film that is applied directly to the surface. Partially Private Scenes are printed on a clear film which results in a luminous print that still allows lots of sunlight to pass through. Our Perfectly Private Scenes provide absolute privacy from outsiders while boasting brilliant color composition and definitive detail. The product can be installed in just seconds using only water and a squeegee.

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Partially Private Benefits

  • Printed on Clear Static Cling
  • Ability to See Past the Scene (Slightly Transparent)
  • Protects Against Harmful UV Rays
  • Reduces Heat

Perfectly Private Benefits

  • Printed on White Static Cling
  • 100% Private, but Still Allows Some Sunlight to Pass
  • Blocks Out Harmful UV Rays
  • Reduces Heat

Product Specs:

  • Durability Static cling is extremely flexible and pliable. This material is water and stain resistant, not to mention hard to tear.
  • Fade Resistant We use the industry’s highest grade UV solvent inks. The ink is designed specifically for long term outdoor applications and has a life span of 7-10 years
  • Priting Process Our products are created using state-of-the-art digital printing applications. The ink molecularly bonds with the material…so there are no worries about the image peeling away from the surface.
  • Warranty Patio Scenes come standard with a comprehensive 2 year guarantee